What Is My Aspect Ratio?

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What does aspect ratio mean?

Aspect ratio represents the relationship between the width and height of a rectangle. For example a door may be twice as high as it is wide. This represents an aspect ratio of .5 or 1:2 .

How is aspect ratio applied to displays?

Typically the 2 number notation (eg. 16:9) format is used. The 16 represents the horizontal aspect and the 9 represents the vertical. For mobile devices, which can be orientated in a portrait or landscape mode, the first number represents the greater aspect.

Why does it matter for displays?

Difference aspect ratios can suit different purposes. Watching movies, playing games or doing work. Depending on what you use your device or computer for aspect ratio can be important.

What are common aspect ratios suited for?

This is the most common aspect ratio. It is suited to watching movies, videos, looking at pictures and playing games.
This has more vertical real estate. The additional height means more text can be fit on the screen. This primarily helps when doing work as less vertical scrolling is necessary.
This aspect ratio matches the aspect ratio of cinema screens and is specifically suited to watching movies.
4:3 / 5:4
These are both squarish (non-widescreen) aspect ratios. Older displays had these aspect ratios, however widescreen is much more prevalent these days and generally preferred. Tablets also can have this aspect ratio.

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